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2013 Veterinary Fee Study Results are in!


Results are in! The 2013 MN Veterinary Fee Study includes data from particpating Veterinary Hospitals and Clinics around the Twin City Metro and surrounding area.


The complete report includes:

• Sales and Expenses

• Previous Year Revenue Changes

• Pricing for Parasiticides, NSAIDS, Rx

• Surgical Pricing and Required Items

• And much, much more.


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Veterinary Management Services is dedicated to providing low cost business management products and services to small and mid-sized practices.

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401K_jigWhether you are a current owner looking to sell or a prospective buyer looking for your dream clinic, VMS can help.  We provide valuations, negotiations and low cost practice sale assistance for buyers and sellers.  Learn more.

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stressalanche_jigNo one ever went to medical school because they wanted to deal with employees - but that's the reality of managing your own practice. 

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